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Diversitrack™ and Diversimount™ Accessories
We offer the following options to accessorize and improve the function of your Track Technology Systems mount! We accepts school purchase orders. Please use our Contact Form to request a formal quote or ask a question.

Manual Hand Brake
Manual Brake attached to Diversitrack™ .
DiversitrackTM Mechanical Brake

Now an educator or presenter can stop their interactive whiteboard anywhere on a Diversitrack™ system! The Diversitrack™ Mechanical Brake is very easy to operate. Turn the knob clockwise and it will stop your preferred interactive whiteboard exactly where you want it to remain. Fabricated with tempered strength alloys that resist typical oxidations with aging. It is especially valuable in the case of extended length systems. Ask for optional accessory part # DT-BRAKE when inquiring. Contact us for pricing!

Diversitrack™ Mechanical Brake Flyer

Mounting Plate for Projectors
XL Roller Kit, Set of Four per Kit.
DiversitrackTM XL Roller Kit

Diversitrack™ Rollers are were upgraded to nylon with tempered shaft, rated at 125lbs per roller in excess of 30,000 cycles. These are the best of track rollers rating quality! Additionally, they are rated ultra-quiet, a valued attribute in the classroom. The extended shaft version accommodates chalk rails or allows a rise above other boards or obstructions up to 7.5 inches extended. Ask for optional accessory part # Roll41XL when inquiring. Contact us for pricing!

Diversitrack™ XL Roller Kit Flyer

Mounting Plate for Projectors
Mounting Plate for long & short throw projectors.
Wall Arm Universal Projector Plate

Track Technology Systems Diversitrack™ and Diversimount™ universal wall mount plate for short and ultra-short throw arm-based projector systems extends your projector 6 inches out from the wall to match that of Diversitrack™, Diversimount™ and any other over-chalk board mount system. Bolt patterns included for projector systems by Epson, Hitachi and SMART. Please review the below linked PDF for list of compatibilities. Ask for optional accessory part #DT-WMUNIV when inquiring. Contact us for pricing!

Diversitrack™ DT-WMUNIV Universal Projector Plate Flyer

Coiled Power Cable
Retractile Coiled Power Cable with cable clips.
High-Rated Coiled Power Cable

Our coiled, 16 AWG self-retracting power cable is another innovation by Track Technology Systems, Inc. Whether you are installing an interactive whiteboard or simply need a self-retracting power, this cable offers you 18 feet of length and retracts by itself down to 43 inches. Durability, low force-to-extend, excellent retractile memory, and high flex life are all-important requirements for coiled cords. Ask about accessory part #DT‐PWR when inquiring. Part #DT‐PWR+CAT5e includes a integrated CAT5e for internet .

Diversitrack™ TV Retractile Coiled Power Cable Flyer

Track Technology Systems Wall Mount Kit
Track Technology Systems Wall Mount Kit.
Track Technology Systems Wall Mount Kit

Securely hang your Diversiboard Projector Board, Projector Board or LED/LCD television from any wall with our Wall Mount Kit. This wall mount safely holds up to a 180 lb. television unit and any of our boards. It is easy to install and will last essentially as long as the board is needed. Contact us for pricing!

Track Technology Systems Wall Mount Kit Flyer

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