Wall Mount Systems for your Classroom, Boardroom or Custom Application

Welcome to the world of Track Technology Systems, Inc. makers of the most unique and sought after wall mount systems in the AV industry. Our systems have already been installed in thousands of classrooms and boardrooms worldwide. Whether you are mounting an interactive whiteboard, a standard or interactive projector, dry erase board or a flat screen television, we have a solution for you.

Back in 2007, Track Technology Systems began focusing solely on the development and manufacturing of wall mount systems which enables anyone to mount the media device of their choice that they use to communicate with every day. Our patented flagship product, Diversitrack™, is a track mount system that enables you to install your media device in front of your existing chalk board or dry erase space and slide it aside effortlessly when not in use SAVING your existing dry erase or chalk board space. Along the way, we have proven time and again that Diversitrack™ is less costly than either drilling into or removing your chalk or dry erase board. Best of all, Diversitrack is easy to assemble and install.

Track Technology Systems also manufactures Diversimount™, a stationary over-chalk-board mount for your favorite media device. Borrowing design queues from Diversitrack, Diversimount™ is universally compatible and assembles with just two fasteners making it the quickest and easiest mount to install.

Our newest product, Diversiboard, is a dry erase board replacement made like no other in the industry. Diversiboard is a one-of-a-kind steel panel surface designed for use in the classroom or boardroom. Diversiboard has two options. The first option, known as a Projector Board, offers a matte surface and is ideal for use with a projector. The second option, a Marker Board, is designed to add marker board space and carries a glossy surface. What is most unique about both boards is that they are designed to work with our patented Diversitrack mount system and Diversimount™, our stationary wall mount system!

Industry Names and Devices We Support

Interactive Whiteboards:
• SMART Technologies
• Promethean
• Polyvision
• Hitachi
• Numonics
• Deltab
• InterWrite
• eInstruction

Big Screen LED TV's:
• All Major Brands
• VESA Compliant
• From 42" to 90"

Diversiboard Series:
• Projector Board
• Marker Board

Custom Applications:
• Layered Systems
Glass marker surfaces

About Track Technology Systems, Inc

Track Technology Systems, Inc. was founded in 2007, and has established itself as the leading manufacturer and distributor of exclusive and patented wall mount systems for schools, universities, corporations, training facilities and public venues worldwide.

Track Technology Systems, Inc. headquartered in Fishers Indiana, is a growing business working constantly to support the changing faces of the business and educational audio visual equipment customer. Whether you are installing dry erase boards or interactive media devices in a new facility, renovating an old one, or simply in need of upgrading, our expert representatives can help you at all stages of design, customization and implementation. We stock a standard line of wall mount systems and accessories that support interactive whiteboards, big screen TV’s and dry erase products. In addition we carry a line of proprietary surfaces within our Diversiboard brand designed for projection screen use and marker board use.

Track Technology Systems, Inc. maintains exclusive relationships with manufacturers, coupled with comprehensive knowledge of products and technology provide the foundation for long term relationships with our dealers and customers. Track Technology Systems, Inc. and our authorized dealers offer superior personalized service, to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied.

Track Technology Systems, Inc. understands the importance of getting the final product to the customer in an exemplary fashion. Therefore, we established an entire division dedicated to assisting in the fulfillment process to accomplish this goal. Every order is hand-picked and packed at our Indianapolis-based logistics center for delivery using the best shipment methods available. Knowing timeframes can be critical to projects small and large, we strive to deliver our product to you in a timely fashion.

Diversitrack™ System


No more agonizing over whether to drill into your existing dry erase board, thanks to Diversitrack™! Our patented Diversitrack is the first sliding track mount system of its kind supporting the industry's top brands of interactive whiteboards, standard and interactive projectors, dry erase boards and big screen LED TV's!

Diversitrack™ allows you to retain your dry erase and chalk board space while enabling you to use the media device of your choice where you want it, when you want it. Best of all at a cost that is less than drilling into or removing your existing dry erase or chalk board!

Diversitrack™ employs a very secure and durable dual-track system, which includes rails that attach above and below your existing chalk or dry erase board.

Diversitrack optional accessories include a mechanical brake, additional track sections and custom roller lengths.

Diversitrack Benefits:
• Retain your existing dry erase space
• No more drilling into your dry erase or chalk board!
• Fastens above and below your existing chalk board, dry erase board or other casework
• Slide it to the side when not in use
• Clears a standard chalk tray
• 5-position height adjustable up to 10 inches
• Stops in its calibrated position
• Professionally manufactured and finished in a neutral Oyster White powder coat
• Perfect for new or existing construction
• Simple to assemble and install

What's in the box?

Every Patented Diversitrack™ system includes the following components:
• Four track sections (6' or 8' long)
• Two frame uprights
• Two frame cross connectors
• Hardware Kit
• Brake Pad Kit
• Assembly Manual
• Mounting clips (interactive whiteboard or dry erase board)

Diversitrack TV - A real game changer in the AV Industry!

Diversitrack TV, the only system of its kind in the audio-video industry! Now you can mount your big screen LED or LCD TV screen in front of almost anything on your classroom or boardroom wall! Whether you have a dry erase board, chalk board, shelving or casework you can simply slide your TV into position for use then effortlessly slide it back out of the way, retaining your existing space.

Diversitrack TV Benefits:
• Mount ANY 42" to 90" LED TV in front of your existing chalk or dry erase board!
• High-definition video quality where you want it, when you want it
• Self-retracting, coiled power cable included
• Interface with a wireless tablet or iPad
• VESA Compliant

Diversimount™ Stationary Mount System


DiversimountTM is a universal, stationary, over-chalk-board wall mount supporting interactive whiteboards, standard and interactive projectors, dry erase boards and big screen LED TV's.

DiversimountTM brings your mount surface out and in front of your existing chalk or dry erase board and is proven to be a more economical choice compared to drilling into or removing your wall-mounted chalk or dry erase board. It is professionally manufactured and constructed from strong carbon steel with an epoxy powder coat finish in Oyster White.

The DiversimountTM System is secure, flexible and adjustable:

• No more drilling into your dry erase or chalk board!
• Fastens above and below your existing chalk board, dry erase board or other casework.
• Clears a standard chalk tray
• 5-position vertically adjustable up to 10 inches
• Perfect for new or existing construction
• Simple to assemble and install

DiversimountTM can also be used with our newest product, Diversiboard to give you a perfect projection surface or marker board surface!

DiversimountTM employs a unique system of two uprights with a cross member and 5 mounting positions equaling 10 inches of adjustability truly making it a "one size fits all" solution. It also borrows some key design elements from our flagship track mount system, DiversitrackTM , namely our flexible clip system.

Client Testimonials

"The teachers are gaga over the tracks! The problem has always been giving up the board space to accommodate the interactive board. This solves that problem." ~ Shirley G., Indianapolis Area School

"Just spoke with our customer! He is crazy about this thing!! He said he was trying to figure out what he could do to give them more space on the white board and then we shipped Diversitrack™ as the solution. Awesome product!" ~Diversitrack™ Dealer in Georgia

"The Diversitrack sets you sent went up quickly and easily! I've had a couple of teachers come in already, see the SmartBoards mounted and say that they want their boards mounted like that as well! Please take this email as a glowing testimonial. I still think they are the best thing since sliced bread!"
~ Bob Krieger, Technology Director, Stuart Hall School for Boys, New Orleans, LA

How To Locate Dealer

Use the Track Technology Systems Dealer Locator Map to identify the Track Technology Systems regional sales representative for your area. Also, any of Track Technology Systems' knowledgeable Customer Service representatives can answer your questions concerning: product information, technical support, shipment tracking, order status, and return authorizations. Contact Customer Service via e-mail or 317-841-3722 (USA) or 1-800-995-3177 (International).

Our Missions Statement

Our mission is to develop and deliver the most innovative mount solutions in the industry that solve the most common issues that exist within an interactive audio visual room design.

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